Liz Gre the space between yes and no, midnight and sunrise, black and white. 

Liz Gre (formerly known as Sankophoenix), is a vocalist, writer, and audiophile who finds comfort between the sides on records. Born and raised in Omaha, NE she began her musical career like so many singing black girls - in the choir stand. She began studying jazz, classical, and contemporary music in middle school and focused to classical and jazz music through college. When she moved to Minneapolis, MN she thought of herself as an artist for the first time in August of 2014 and began seeing the manifestations of this thought.

With Soulflower Collective (2014-2015) she performed at Arnellia's, The Dakota Jazz Club, The Fineline, Icehouse, Bedlam Lowertown, and more. When she branched off to focus on her original works and solo performance she performed at Twin Cities Pride, The Dakota Jazz Club, The Kitty Kat Club, The Bedlam, at many community events, and impromptu gatherings.  Recently relocated back to Omaha, she is currently working on her afro-futurist writing, learning the guitar, and writing funky folk-soul music with the cajon and guitar.


In every note she has sung has breathed the inspiration of youth and wisdom of the ancestors. 


Photography by: Sarah White/Fotos for Barcelona