seen. a note to self

You deserve to be seen.
Not everyone deserves to see you.

They have not passed the tests. They have not proven worthy. Their eyes have not been vetted for discoloration.

- liz gre


liz greComment

here is a dusty mirror, 
covered with the film of broken-hearted
The busy|ness of life and
distractions that abound

You ask why I look in your eyes so hard
I know now that it's because with each glance, 
that dust settles and a shine emerges.
                                                            -liz gre

liz gre
day 1.

It's still near impossible
for me to put into words your intrigue
And I won't make any attempts
best to take step, and push, step, 
then watch
And see what is, or isn't. 
I think it best to just be.
                                     -liz gre

liz gre