I am currently exploring the lives, adventures, celebrations, and challenges of my mother, Doris, my paternal grandmother, Ethel, and my maternal grandmother, Pearline. Ultimately, I plan to explore the following themes: Black ministry and the influence of magic and mysticism; the cultivation of mysticism in a religious context; mothering and daughtering; and generational throughlines to our current ways of being. I seek to write an opera that is both deeply personal and also representative of the larger African Diasporic experience, the libretto will be driven by the stories and experiences of you- the community.

Here’s where you come in: My first goal, therefore, is to conduct interviews with people from my own family as well as friends and mothers and daughters living in Omaha. Written in a first-person narrative style, my familial stories and the stories of those interviewed will form the content for the arias. My second goal is to utilize those interviews to finish the libretto and compose an immersive, one-woman opera that includes at least three arias (accompanied songs for solo voice, typically in opera).

A call to action: I need YOU! If you’re interested in supporting this project as an interviewee, I invite you to come to my studio for tea and a conversation. I’d love to host you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.